Fundraising Gala Photos!

  • by TR
  • July 2nd, 2013

As the world becomes more globalized, progress towards peace and harmony  relies on the voices of artists like Velina Hasu Houston who help us relate to the unfamiliar and in so doing unite us through our shared human experience.  We hosted a fundraiser to support the production of Velina Hasu Houston’s first Japanese film, Path of Dreams, and I hope that you will continue to help promote the work of an artist whose voice the world is ready to hear.

Thank you to all who attended our Wine and Cheese Reception and Formal Dinner with the Writer, Director, and Producers of Path of Dreams at the Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden (! Please enjoy the photos from the gala!

Flowers – Alexandra Margulies

Photography – Brad Crowe

Catering – Dice Catering

Music – Nathan Wang and Shelly Ren

Wine donation – Eileen Tyrala and Don Goldsmith

Service – Kristina Sawyer, Judy Willard and Mike Schoellhammer

01 SSJG sign copy

02 teahouse and pond copy

03 Cat:Giselle copy

04 dinner tables 2 copy

05 Auction item table copy

06 Cuevas copy

07 Helen walking copy

08 Jenny Rouz walking copy

09 Nakada touching tree copy

10 Wine and cheese over bridge copy

11 Dad in convo copy

12 VHH Helen copy

13 Wine and cheese copy

14 Ko:Howard:Tam copy

15 Kiyoshi in conversation copy

16 Jon copy

17 kimono and VHH sitting copy

18 wine and cheese from around teahouse copy

19 Jon Sabina Anthony Tam copy

20 Kev:Mike:Anthony copy

21 Mom and M Arabian copy

22 ladies enjoying party copy

23 Kiyoshi Goldsmith copy

25 Wang and guest resting copy

26 nice candid copy

27 Tam Ko Howard copy

28 Tayako copy

29 Monique Sabina Giselle copy

29 VHH with ladies copy

30 nice WS canded wine and cheese copy

32 VHH and Jenny copy

33 WS teahouse and guests Ko copy

34 Howard teahouse copy

35 Dohn leaving 2 copy

36 Goldsmith Chen auction tables copy

37 auction bidding copy

38 Ko:Howard:bonsai copy

39 Kev:Cat:Brad copy

40 Jon and Ko copy

41 dining room at night copy

42 orchids copy